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Its about time we had a beer shop blog right?

A few weeks ago, I went down south to have the final part of my van conversion fitted by “Stitches and Steel” (

While they spent the day tinkering with my van I spent the day exploring Colchester.

While meandering around I stumbled across a quaint little show bearing the name Two Brews ( A shop Run by Paul, a lovely chap whose more than happy to have a chat.

When I entered the store I was surprised with the sheer amount of beer, cider, gin and whiskey on offer for such a small space. At a rough guess the sales area was no larger than 450sq ft. The left hand side of the shop was fridges, and the right was shelved beers and artisan coffees. The centre was a standing/storage area come long table for drinking in and behind the counter was a Lindl machine and spirits for pouring.

I spent a large portion of my afternoon there just chatting with Paul, and his mates and had an absolute laugh. I was amazed by the range and quality of beer they had, around 250/300 bottles and cans of which a large number were in the fridge, approximately 50 spirits and the same number of coffee roasts.

Their selection spanned form local Colchester and South Coast Breweries to the Northern giants like Northern Monk, Cloudwater and even a few local boys to me (Digbeth Brewing Company).

If you happen to be staying around Colchester make sure to check out the sights, but then have a beer at Two Brews. They guys are lovely, their. beer selection is wonderful and your guaranteed to have a laugh.

See you soon guys.

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