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The Wingman Aachen ( is a craft beer and spirit lover’s dream. Pairing some of the finest beers with some of the finest homemade spirits from around Europe -this place is the ultimate wingman. 

Located close to the main square of Aachen in its own beautiful little square is this gem of a place. I say this because, as a lover of design, and of seeing people invest their passions in their business, this is by far and away one the of most unique and beautiful places I have had the pleasure of going. 

I was first introduced to The Wingman by Christian from Hopfen & Malz. His close friend owns the bar and, even though they were shut, we were fortune enough to be allowed inside for a beer and a wingman with his childhood best friend. I must say it was just a great night! We were tasting a range of their homemade whiskeys, featuring an apple and cinnamon bourbon which was just delightful. Paired with Amundsen’s latest NEIPA offering it raised it from delightful to just fantastic. 

The second time, I was a bit more sober. Luckily was able to take in the sights a lot better.

With a beer terrace for around 150 people and enough seating and standing space inside for another 100 there’s plenty or room for a decent party (in good weather). The beer list is shown on a chalkboard on the right-hand side of the bar. There’s around 100 beer and matching spirit combos shown. As you delve deeper into the bar, you’ll see old industrial machinery that’s been converted into tables and architect-designed chairs. It gives the interior a unique industrial feel (I know the industrial style is all the rage at the moment, but this is in a different league). Finally, there’s the bar, stretching all the way along the interior, and hand made by the owners for a unique one off feel. I have never seen something like it before, but I hope to see it again. 

Now, I know you’ve probably have had enough of me going on about how nice the interior is and you want to hear about the beer. Well then, I shall not disappoint.

For my first round I treated myself to their last bottle of Pojhala Virmalaised IPA. At 6.5% it wasn’t overly strong but it had great body. A nice thickness there were hints of bitterness and flavours of mango, and pomegranate that kept me going back for another sip. My second round was a wingman (beer and spirit). The beer was their draft D.V.D.K Crime Passionel. A passionfruit blonde ale at 6.5% paired with a stunning homemade rum. The Crime Passionel was super refreshing. A nice, zesty blonde ale that left my taste buds wanting more without overpowering them with fruit. You can never go wrong with a blonde! 

I’m now on my second visit to Aachen this trip and fully intend on paying The Wingman another visit!. And a big thanks for the owner and the people I have met there over the past few days for making me feel so welcome in your community.

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