Month: June 2019

A long overdue update

Like the heading of the article says this is a long overdue update. Last time you heard from me we were pitched up at a beach in Zandvoort. Well I can tell you we haven’t been there for a while now. We stayed two nights...

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Ratsherrn, Hamburg

Have you ever wanted to go to a place that has an incredible bottle shop, over 500 bottles, their own craft brewery, taproom and restaurant all in one area? If so Ratsherrn is the place to be in Hamburg. Well I say Ratsherrn but...

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The Last Few Days

In the few small days since my last post a lot has happened. We arrived and stayed in Bruges for two beautiful days. On the first day due to Maddi Being Ill we had a rather chill day in which I went for a 20 kilometre bike ride...

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