Month: May 2019

We Are Finally Here

As my previous post said we finally arrived in Bruges after 12hrs of travel. We’re spending a couple of nights at Camping Melming, a beautiful campsite just 800m outside of Bruges town centre. We are currently on our...

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The Adventures Begin

It’s 5.15 on 27th May. My girlfriend, Maddie Vecchiati, and I finally pull off my parent’s drive after a very hectic long weekend getting Rosie ready for her 15,000 mile land cruise round Western Europe. We arrived...

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The New War Of the Roses – A Beer Blog

A lot of things in this world are hard. But hell, what is the point in doing anything if it doesn’t involve some sort of challenge? A great example of this is Roses. A varsity inter-University competition held the first weekend...

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Black Lab – Barcelona

I have only recently become a member of the craft beer community. 18 months ago I was another university student drinking piss poor beer because it was cheap and it got me wasted. Fast forward to April 2018 and the discovery of...

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