Gigantic Brewing – Blackberry Bramble Beer

Gigantic Brewing – Blackberry Bramble Beer

This ones a unique one. A gin barrel aged blackberry beer. Sounds delicious right. Well I can tell you it was, I just wish there was more.

To start with When you open the bottle you are instantly greeted with the fresh, sweet scent of blackberries, backed up by herbal notes that can only be explained by the beer being barrel aged in Old Tom Gin barrels. Body wise this is well balanced.

There is a nice thickness to the beer, which backs up the ABV (8.0%). Every sip is full of sweet blackberry flavour, followed by biscuity malt notes and touches of lemon and juniper. There is a nice hint of bitterness at the end of each sip that breaks down the sweetness from the berries nicely.

Honestly its a great beer for the current weather here it the UK. At the time of writing this temperatures have hit 31 degrees, and it’s sweaty. My only wish is to have a cold one in my hands right now, but not all wishes come true as there is a delicious barbie to man shortly.

Gigantic overall have surprised me three times with the beer they are producing. Although I think we owe a lot to the American craft beer market I have found that a lot of their beers are either way too hoppy or just taste very alcoholic. Gigantic have continually given me beers that have great ABV, but also have an amazing array of flavour.

For that reason I would say this beer is a strong recommend, and if you want some my friends at Beer GB have a few left for sale.

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