BeerLovers Vienna – The Best Beer Shop Ever?

BeerLovers Vienna – The Best Beer Shop Ever?

I want to apologise in advance. I was so awestruck by this place that I forgot to take pictures of the inside. Annoying I know. The main picture used for this blog is from their website. (

Please go and check out their social media for pictures of the place. It is truly amazing. Instagram: @beerloversvienna

Beer lovers unite for what could quite possibly be the most incredible beer shop on my European tour. And bear in mind – I’ve visited a few now! BeerLovers Vienna is a unique and beautiful place. I spent much of my afternoon and a lot of my money with them.

It is on a busy street in a suburb of Vienna. Like many great beer places there is no significant signage outside. The biggest giveaway is their window display which is full of beer bottles and presentation shelves.

In the centre of the shop is their cash desk and growler filler with large TV screens telling you what is new on. In the far right corner they have a walk in cool room for most of their IPAs, Lagers and Pale Ales. This cool room is stacked to the roof with fresh beer. Along every wall are shelves full of beers from all over the world, all organised by style. The front of the shop holds ale type beers, stouts, porters, new in and local beers in addition to a range of spirits.

The rear shelves are dedicated to Belgian, Trappist, and ciders. At the rear of the shop they have stairs that lead into their ‘home-brew’ area. Home-brew kits, brewing vessels, malts, oats and fresh hops are all available for sale.

They also run their own brewery from downstairs as well. A full copper 300ltr brew kit it set up in its own back room with kegging and bottling equipment. Finally, between the home-brew room and the brewery is a beautiful beer tasting room equipped with its own fridges, TV and comfortable seating. They run regular beer tastings events.

The people who work there are incredibly friendly; they have an amazing knowledge of craft beer and are passionate about what they sell. It is an extremely unique place. I learnt a lot about the types of beer produced in Austria, and the traditions behind their beer. As a place, it has been one of my favourites – and, if you’re a regular to this blog, you’ll know I’ve a few favourites – but this is probably the “favourite of favourites,” at the moment.

I plan on making the trip back here at some point in the near future. With a range of over 500 beers and a mix of artisan spirit it will hold a special place in this beer lover’s heart.

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