Wrecking Coast – Cornish Clotted Cream Gin

Wrecking Coast – Cornish Clotted Cream Gin

So this is honestly a first for me. A clotted cream gin, produced by the lovely people at Wrecking Coast Distillery, Cornwall. I have to say a thank you to my wonderful girlfriend for buying me such an interesting beverage!

As stated on their website (https://thewreckingcoastdistillery.com) the gin contains 12 home picked botanicals and fresh Cornish clotted cream. I know a lot of distillers and brewers are trying alternative flavours, and have been for a while, but this just takes the cake.

The gin is actually made in two stages. You have your traditional gin recipe which is run through a computer controlled iStill and then the clotted cream part, which is cold distilled in a vacuum still. The two are then combined to create this creamy masterpiece.

The real question is does it actually taste like clotted cream? The answer: “Yes.” The clotted cream flavour is light, but present in all aspects of the gin.

On the nose you get floral notes with elements of juniper berry, coriander, lemon citrus and vanilla. The clotted cream doesn’t change the smell of the gin really, although the addition of vanilla gives off a sweet, smoothness. It sounds silly to say but the gin doesn’t have what I would consider a ‘typical’ dry gin scent to it.

The flavour is where Wrecking coast comes into its own. Your first sip is extremely smooth, with flavours of citrus, vanilla, a hint of cinnamon, and juniper finishing off with the unmistakable flavour of clotted cream. It is both amazing and strange at once. Two things that shouldn’t be together, work very well together.

Traditionally, you’d have some sharpness or bite in a dry gin, but thanks to the clotted cream its extremely smooth. The flavours, to me, are enhanced by the addition of clotted cream.

Overall its definitely a unique gin. It’s definitely one to try. My only issue is the price – at £35.95 its quiet an expensive gin to try. If you like unique, smooth, subtle and creamy then this is a definite buy. Bonus points if you’re in Cornwall when you try it!


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