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Nikka Coffey Gin – The New ‘Coffee’ in Town

Nikka Coffey Gin – The New ‘Coffee’ in Town

The pandemic, as well all know put an end to beer garden bars and meeting your mates at the pub. Anything we try now we have to buy by the bottle. And well lets just say lockdown hasn’t been kind to the ‘coffers’. So enter the heroes of the hour, my parents who surprised me with this beautiful bottle of gin delivered straight to my door.

I admit they purchased it off Amazon, but to be honest their prices are heard to beat for artisan spirits!

So what makes this gin so unique. Nikka distils their Coffey Gin in ‘Coffey Stills’ that doesn’t mean with coffee by the way! The Coffey still was designed in 1830 by Aeneas Coffey. In effect its a column still that is capable of continuous distillation. Coffey stills are known for producing high ABV spirits, my favourite. Hence why this beauty of a gin is 47% ABV.

To start with this gin is packed full of citrus notes, backed by light floral tones and oodles of juniper. It is an extremely light drink, even considering the ABV. It’s smooth and extremely quaffable when paired with a simple slimline tonic.

Flavour-wise I would say its more citrus heavy, with lighter notes of juniper. There’s no bitterness, or sharpness to it. Being honest I enjoy drinking this straight more than I enjoy drinking it with tonic but either way its just so refreshing.

It reminds me of summer, sweet, simple and no rubbish. As a gin its honest, nothing fancy or crazy, just good simple gin. I would strongly recommend this to anyone who’s a gin lover or just trying something new!

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