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Gosnells Citra Sea Mead

Gosnells Citra Sea Mead

Some of you may know that I have been partial to a splash or two of mead for the past year or so. And, as such, I’m always on the look of for interesting and unique drinks. Gosnells is one of those. A carbonated draft mead that almost felt like it belonged in a “Happy Meal” rather than on

I have never  had a mead like it. A key aspect of mead is normally its body and flavour. Honey is the dominant ingredient, and even though this was true for Citra Sea, the body was more like shandy or fizzy pop than the thick, rich mead that I am used to. This can, to a degree, be explained by the abv. Traditional mead varies between 11 and 18% whereas Citra Sea is 4.5%; a much more ‘palatable’ percentage.

Flavourwise, expect sweetness – and I mean oodles of sweetness. The citra flavour is sort of lost in the sweetness from the honey. Although it was a nice beverage to drink cold, I don’t think I could drink a lot of it.

I’m well-know for having a bit of a sweet tooth, but tThis is one of the few times I will say that a drink was too sweet even for my tastes.

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