Pohjala Cocobanger

Pohjala Cocobanger

I am a big fan of Pohjala. I discovered them when working for Beer Ambleside. They make some seriously delicious beers.

When I was in Europe, the plan was to travel as far east as Estonia to visit them but, for various reasons, I never made it further east that Poland.

When my Mum & Dad see a beer by Pohjala, they always make sure they buy one for me. (I have them well-trained). They came across Pohjala Cocobanger in “The House of Trembling Madness” when they visited York and Christmas seemed like a good excuse for drinking it, mainly because I had been going onto them for months about some of the incredibly unique Pojhala beers I had tried over in Europe, including one called Italobanger.

Cocobanger is a coconut and coffee imperial stout. It’s thick, rich and very slightly carbonated. At 11.5% ABV it’s a serious stout with plenty of flavour. The initial aroma can only be described as a bounty bar with an espresso kick. A beautiful roast malt flavour backed with hints of chocolate and coconut. On the initial sip you feel like there is a bit of a flavour explosion in your mouth. The second sip brings you right back to home with the flavours of a traditional British Bounty bar. (For those who’ve never had one its coconut wrapped in chocolate).

There is minimal bitterness from the roast malts. The coconut makes it feel very smooth which I loved. It is very sippable and I would say is the ideal sharing beer. I will have more!!

A solid beer from a solid brewery.

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