Adnams Laid Back IPA

Adnams Laid Back IPA

So its been a while! but we are here for more beery fun. To kick off the late January right we have tried some tasty treats fresh off the beery line.

Adnams Laid Back IPA is a no thrills, easy going, affordable IPA. As the can states its full go flavour. And to tell you the truth for a can that costs less than £2.50 it really is.

There isn’t much to complain about, it is full flavoured, light, and hits the right notes. Flavour wise its full of tropical fruit, lemon and lime zest. Its sweet and citrusy, just like how the can looks. The body is as the name states. Laid back. Thick and fruity, you can’t complain.

A strong recommend for anyone who likes good beer on a budget.

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