De Moersleutel Beer “Wanna taste my candy cane”

De Moersleutel Beer “Wanna taste my candy cane”

I’ve been unlucky recently as I’ve never had the opportunity to try De Moersleutel’s beers before. I just didn’t know how interesting and unique their beers were. However, my parents bought me this beauty of an imperial stout at 11% ABV recently. It’s delectably thick – a bit like drinking thin treacle (erm yum!).

Body wise it has zero carbonation so it’s beautifully smooth to drink with the feeling like you’re getting a full meal in a can.

Flavourwise the orange and star anise flavour shine through the beer. But in my opinion, they are just too dominant and take over the flavour, potentially taking away from the desired aim of the beer to taste like ‘a candy cane’. The only issue is I haven’t had a candy cane in years so I am a little unsure whether they have a strong citrus flavour to them or not. However, the flavour that is present comes across in oodles, overall making it a fairly enjoyable beer to drink.

For me, it’s a good beer but not a personal favourite, particularly when considering the price. It isn’t cheap! However I will be looking forward to trying more of their range in the new year!!

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