Deya Brewing – Something Good 5

Deya Brewing – Something Good 5

For tonights blog we have a fan favourite. Deya. This time I’m writing about Something Good 5.

According the Deya it is a well hopped beer that uses Idaho 7 and the ‘new’ Strata hops to create a new and unique flavour. The reason for their rotating series is so they can experiment with new brewing techniques and experimental flavours, which I think is really unique.

The aroma is soft, full of sweetness of tropical fruit notes. I picked up scents of mango, lychee, grapefruit and passion fruit. The aroma had a real dankness to it (yes you saw me write that!).

The flavour is thick, rich and complex in my opinion. There are a lot of flavours that dance around on your tongue. The Strata hops are known to offer a complex flavour including notes of passion fruit, grapefruit, dark berries and herbs (weed). I felt all of those notes in the beer. This citrusy, herbal flavour is backed up by fresh pine notes and finally a nice, easy going bitterness.

The mouthfeel is nice a thick, as you’d expect from a 6.2% IPA. But at the same time it isn’t heavy, the beer is lightly carbonated meaning you don’t feel bloated when you drink it and the balance between flavour and booziness it very nice. As a bonus its unfixed, unfiltered and full of hop extract, the way I think beer should be. (Technically hops are one of your five a day!).

Deya continue to produce great quality beers, they are always fresh, full of flavour and down to earth. I really love the idea of experimenting under 1 beer name to produce a unique product. I look forward to trying Something Good 6 soon.

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