Stewart Brewing – Hollyrood Pale Ale

Stewart Brewing – Hollyrood Pale Ale

Like I’ve said before, this brewery was quite the discovery on my trip to Edinburgh. Because of this brewery I am now paying attention to the Scottish craft beer scene, because there is a lot behind  closed doors that I don’t think we get to see.

Hollyrood (5%) is Stewart Brewing’s West Coast style pale ale. Its hopped with Magnum, Yellow Sub and Sybilla hops. These hops combined create this beauty, a cool, calm and collected pale ale that is fresh, funky and very enjoyable. Hell I should know I took down a monster pizza while drinking it.

Aroma wise it is complex. There are elements of red berry, citrus, botanical, almost floral notes and a nice late earthy bitterness. The aroma, to me, enhances the mouth feel of the beer, which is rich, suprisingly thick and nicely carbonated.

However the aroma doesn’t match the flavour. To start out with there is a nice, light floral tone to the beer, that is quickly overpowered by heavy citrus notes, this is backed up by a fairly wheaty malt flavour and is finished off with quite an earthy bitterness, thanks to the amazing magnum hops.

Again, for me it was a very drinkable beer. It would work amazing when paired with a meat feast pizza or BBQ. However on their website their recommend fried chicken or Tex Mex. Either way it is a nicely bodied, easy going pale ale that can’t really be faulted. It has everything a beer lover wants; citrus tones, body, bitterness and banging flavours (or the 3 b’s).

From a price point of view again, I would strongly recommend this. Stewart Brewing keep it up cause I am really enjoying these brews!

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