Cloudwater Special Edition Imperial Stout

Cloudwater Special Edition Imperial Stout

Firstly, apologies yet again. I’ve been a bit slow off the mark writing some of these blogs but I’m officially finished with university. It’s all over – 4-years of University; about £50,000 in debt – and in need of a job!

Anyway, a couple of weeks or so ago it was my 23rd birthday so, as we were in lockdown, and I wasn’t going anywhere, I decided to treat myself to a bottle of Cloudwater’s Special Edition Imperial Stout that I’d been saving. Brewed in 2016, yum.  And what a treat!

Look – I’ve even treated it to and “Adventures in Beer” glass

It was thick and rich and chocolaty and coffee and whiskey flavoured all rolled into one drink. It had really good body and the typical imperial stout mouthfeel – like a meal in  a glass! Highly recommended, if you can find a bottle and you’re willing to pay the price.


Me – on my 23rd with a glass of great beer! What could be better – other than being able to see your friends, of course!!


Beers like this don’t come along that often. Mum and I really enjoyed it – but Dad thought he’d tasted better. As regular readers will know, he doesn’t actually drink though he does taste every now and again so what does he know?

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