I’m No Longer A University Student!!

I’m No Longer A University Student!!

It has been 4 years in the making but, as of Friday the 26th June, I have graduated Lancaster University with a 2:1 in Business Management and Entrepreneurship – somehow.

Friday night was spent celebrating with some family, socially distanced of course. We had some gins, or in my case a lot; a tasty beer and some champagne for the big event. Even the cork social distanced, as it flew from the bottle and 3 gardens down much to my Mum’s surprise.

Timothy, Champagne in hand with Mum & Dad

It feels so surreal to be sitting here writing about the fact I’ve graduated. Because of coronavirus there is no major celebration until December; there are no gowns and caps in July, no final goodbye party before we all go into grad jobs, well those of us that have them. But it’s over, 4 years of my life.

Pop goes the cork

And now it’s onto the next chapter of life, or as my Dad would say where the real work begins. I have big plans for the future, both for Adventures In Beer and for other projects that are in the works. So stay in touch, you don’t want to miss it.

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