Magic Rock – Dark Arts Surreal Stout

Magic Rock – Dark Arts Surreal Stout

To kick off the festive period, Mum and I ordered in a few cases of the best beers we could find from various online beer suppliers. Although Mum paid, she left the choice to me – fool!!

We came across this little treat at

At 6.0% ABV it isn’t the craziest beer we have purchased for consuming over Christmas but it was one of the more affordable. Priced at £2.79 a can it’s the ideal beer for beer lovers who don’t want to break the bank.

Flavour wise it has promising tones of coffee, chocolate and nut. However, I would say the nut flavour verges more towards a peanut flavour. Personally, I have no issue with this because I love nut stouts. The body is well balanced not being too thick or too thin. It is exactly what you would hope for considering the ABV. The aroma is a full to the brim of chocolate and nut, with lighter aromas of liquorice. The final notes of the beer are of roast chocolate and bitter.

A lovely end to a fairly enjoyable beer. It is a great recommendation for those trying to try new styles or for people who want a Christmasy beer.

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