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Boon Framboise Raspberry Lambic

Boon Framboise Raspberry Lambic

Lambic beers are known to be one of the few beers where beers brewed in different years are mixed together to create one. They are a blend of older and younger lambics, from 1 year and up with some form of fruit added. In the case of Boon Framboise it’s cherry, and boy is it good!

As a naturally fermented beer they are known to be a bit more reactive when you open the bottle, so typically its best to chill them before hand, I would also argue they taste better like that, but that’s more personal opinion. When poured into a glass you a greeted to the aroma of fresh, sweet raspberries and a light pink, frothy head on the beer.

The flavour of Framboise Boon is simple. It’s packed with raspberry, slightly tart and soured  giving it an almost sherbety character to it. Its extremely smooth, easy going and has great body for a sub 5% beer. My mum said it was almost like a cross between wine and beer, because it looks like wine, but has the body of beer.

Either way the lambic style is one I rather enjoy, its steeped in tradition and no one has really messed with it for over 100 years. The beers are simple, enjoyable and age beautifully.

We drank this while having a social distance gathering with our neighbours. Mick and Nina have said before they aren’t fans of sour beers, but to our surprise they both loved this one with their share going down a treat. As a sour beer it is very light, with light tartness. For someone branching into the sour beer world Lambics are a perfect place to start.

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