Pojhala x Other Half brewing – Hamarik – Imperial Baltic Porter

Pojhala x Other Half brewing – Hamarik – Imperial Baltic Porter

We may be in lockdown at the moment, but there’s nothing to stop your tastebuds going on a world tour! This beer is something special. Two brewing greats one Estonian and the other American, collaborating on one of the most underrated styles around. Pojhala & Other Half Brewing got together to create Hamarik a superb 12% imperial baltic porter that uses Tahitian Vanilla and Brazilian coffee beans. The best of Estonia, America, Tahiti and Brazil all in a bottle – and you don’t even have to catch a plane!

The label tells the story. Estonia, America, Tahiti and Brazil – all in one mouthful!

Like the breweries (literally) this beer is otherworldly. As soon as you open it you are hit with aromas of vanilla, coffee, toffee and some smoky undertones. The first sip is packed full of flavour. It almost feels like a beer that has been bourbon barrelled because of the smoky, and boozy flavour. But it hasn’t been.

The combination of Brazilian coffee and Tahitian Vanilla creates a silky smooth, roast flavour that is followed up beautifully by smoked caramel flavour. All of this is backed up by a thick, rich body that makes a dairy milk chocolate bar look boring.

What I love most of all is this incredible flavour is packed into a package so small. It’s a beer you want to savour every sip over, and I promise it will leave you salivating for more.

I honestly think this is one of the best collaborations I’ve had since becoming a beer blogger. I need more and, if I can’t get more, I need them to collaborate again!

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