Wild Weather – Damn Dead Cucumber Sour

Wild Weather – Damn Dead Cucumber Sour

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll know that I’m partial to the odd sour. Kelly from Beer Ambleside in Cumbria, must take the blame! She got me into them in my placement year. This one in particular was purchased from Beer Ambleside before the unfortunate lockdown we are now in.

Wild Weather Ales have been producing good quality beers for the past few years. Based out of Silchester they have been knocking out consistent quality affordable craft beer that customers love. Customers like me!

First off I’d just like to say their artwork is awesome! Zombies and beer, what isn’t to like.  The beer itself is delicious. When you see the words cucumber and beer you automatically take a second look. But trust me it works, and it works extremely well.

When you crack the can you are greeted to the aroma of what I could only describe as a cross between a cucmber face mask and tzatziki sauce. Strange I know, but both are delicious! On you first sip you get the instant hit of refreshing cucumber flavour, followed by some floral tones. It is a surprisingly light and smooth sour, not having the typical gassiness I’ve experienced with similar sours. I would say it has the perfect balance between a sour that is tart and sweet.

Its the perfect beer for a warm summers day, I guarantee it will beat my mums Pimms & Lemonade any day! Overall a refreshing, light and very quaffable drink, which I intend to buy more of when I next get the chance. 

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