Hopfen Kultz – Dresden

Hopfen Kultz – Dresden

Dresden is a beautiful town, and I really mean beautiful. I arrived here for repairs to my van but ended up staying longer than expected so I can properly explore this beautiful city. There is a so much to see and do here. One of those places, certainly for the beer lover, is Hopfen Kultz, Dresden’s local craft beer shop.

As you walk into the shop you’re greeted by their awesome manager, Barbra Aka @bier.bara on instagram (give her a follow) and their impressive collection of beer. Outside the shop they say they stock 350 different beers but I reckon it’s German understatement and the real number is easily north of 400.

A nice little walkthrough. Their collection is incredible

Everything is neatly organised by beer style with Belgian beers, new stock and stouts towards the back and Weizen beers, Hells, lagers, sours and IPA’s/pales at the front Personally, I loved the layout. Everything is easy to find and, if your unsure on what style beer you may enjoy, the staff will give you great recommendations.

Just one of their many fridges full of beer

In addition to their amazing bottled selection the run a couple of beers on tap to drink in or takeaway through their ‘takeaway’ window. While I was there, they had Gerstofer Ale, 6.8% on tap although, as Barbra, explained it didn’t really taste like an ale, it tasted more like a strong lager. But that didn’t stop it from being very enjoyable in the 30degree heat of a Dresden summer.

The takeaway beer window and taps

I ended up buying a six pack of beer. Most of them were recommendations from Barbra. I will be reviewing them as soon as I get my van back from the Ford dealer. Otherwise, I enjoyed a couple of cold bottles as well.

The first was a Quartiermeister. A German pilsner that was light, refreshing and easy going. It was not an overly complex beer just a good traditional pilsner.

Quartriermeister Pilsner with my Hopfen Und Malz cap.

My Second was from Hanscraft. An amazing Bavarian craft beer producer who I met in Aachen at Hopfen und Malz for a tap takeover. This time, I had a bottle of their Wheat Pale Ale. Nice flavours of citrus fruits and banana are present throughout the beer. It has a distinctive mild, creamy body that is a known feature of wheat beers and a very floral nose.

Hopfen Kultz is the place to go if your craving a delicious beer in Dresden. Their pricing is very reasonable, the company is amazing and the selection is top notch.

Dresden goes onto my list of places to visit again – soon.

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