The Next Move – Moving Back To Uni

So, for those of you who’ve not been following all my blogs, I’ve had to come back to the UK to finish off my degree. I study Business Management and Entrepreneurship at Lancaster University. This year is my fourth and final year!

In one of my previous blogs I said I was home – well, for 8 days at least – long enough to create a catastrophe of nuclear proportions in my parent’s house before moving back to dorm room living. (It’s slightly bigger than the van; it has the benefit of an en-suite but the surf-board takes up an awful lot of room!). That catastrophe of nuclear proportions? Well, I reckon it’ll take them at least a month to get the house straight again by which time I’ll probably be visiting them again – with my washing!

Most universities in the UK have ‘freshers weeks.’ A week before Uni really starts for you to acclimatise to your surroundings and make new friends. During this week, I have been seeing old friends that I haven’t seen in the past year and a half. It’s really nice to see everyone but ‘going out’ has taken a toll on my head. Hangovers are quickly becoming my worst enemy.

During this time I haven’t been drinking much craft beer. Mainly because I haven’t wanted to ruin the enjoyment. Craft beer needs to be savoured whereas Uni drinking, well, that’s a different story…

I will be back to posting regularly from Sunday onwards so please keep an eye out. There is still so much from my trip to talk about. So many new friends, new experiences and adventures that I still need to report on. And now I am back in the UK it is time to explore the country I have lived in for the past 22 years!

So stay tuned, don’t go anywhere.

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