The Delirum Cafe – Vienna

The Delirum Cafe – Vienna

Vienna is one of those places where it is so easy to get lost in the city. Personally, I do this by turning off my phone for a few hours and just walking around. I think it’s the best way to see a city as you never know where you’re going. This is how I found the Delerium Cafe.

The square the cafe is in

On a side street, just off of one of the small squares in Vienna, I saw a sign saying Delerium on draft. Knowing that it is one of my favourite Belgian beers I had to go and investigate. Outside the bar was a small seating area for drinks and lunch and, inside, was a small bar with taps just for Delirium. In addition, they had a cooler full of craft beer  – around 80 different ones. But I came for the Delirium.

My personal choice was Delirium Rouge paired with a chicken club sandwich. For just 11 euros it felt like a steal. A massive chicken club sandwich, chips and a beer. After Delirium Rouge I went for just Delirium. They’re both great beers. But I personally prefer Rouge because of the sweet but tart cherry flavour added to an already great beer.

It wasn’t the most incredible place I’ve ever had beer. The service wasn’t great and the only beers on tap were Delirium, even though they ran 8 taps.

I’d love to go back to Vienna because I don’t think I fully explored the beer culture that is there. But this is a place I may miss in the future, even though the beer was so good.

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