Browar Port – Gdyina

Browar Port – Gdyina

If you know me at all, then you’ll know there are two things in this world that I love, especially on this trip.

1. Beer and

2. Beaches.

So when a my University friend, Szymon, texted me saying let’s me up and go for a drink I was all for it. He only told me where we were going when we were on the way. It was about 30 minutes away from my campsite but, boy, was it worth the trip.

Based on the beautiful board walk that makes up part of Gdyina beach this beautiful purpose built brewery really creates  the ‘skyline’ of the area. As you enter the big glass building you see their balcony and private tasting area, to the left and, on the right, their beautifully open bar, brewery and restaurant.

They are a multi award winning brewery and, luckily, they do a tasting platter. If you’ve read any of my previous blogs you’ll know that I’m always up for tasting. I just had to go for it. 4 beers cost 15 zloty (about £3.20)

The brewery awards

The first of the beers (From left to right in the picture) was Jasne, their Citra light lager.

It was light, fresh and had nice hints of summer fruit to it. However, it had too much of a bitter aftertaste for my tastebuds. In my experience, this is something that can happen when you add a larger quantity of hop to a lager.

The second was Pszeniczne, Brower Port’s Hefewizen. At 5%, it was the perfect abv. I thought it was a solid wizen beer with nutmeg and banana flavours throughout. It was smooth and thick – just as it should be. Overall, I think this one was my favourite. The third, was “Ciemne,” Brower Port’s bohemian Dark Ale. It was also 5% abv. It had a nice malty body with flavours of chocolate and coffee throughout. Overall, a simple beer style; nothing overly complicated but very enjoyable.

Finally I tried their Specjalne wither. This wit had the typical flavour of one. Orange and cardamom throughout with a nice thick, creamy white head. My only issue was that, for a wit, it was far too thin so you didn’t get the body you expect.

The Brewery and seating area

The food looked just as amazing as their beer selection but, for once, I didn’t indulge. Shocking I know! I would love to go back to admire the view; to drink my way through more of their collection and to try some of their foodie treats.

Recommended to anyone looking for a good all round place for a meal and a drink – but not necessarily for craft beer fanatics.


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