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Holy Craft; “Holy” being the operative word. What a find in Dusseldorf! I know Dusseldorf is a pretty big city but, overall, I didn’t find the quality of bars I visited that great. Until, that is, I discovered Holy Craft (www.holycraft.de). The shop is a pleasant 5-minute walk from the town centre and is easy to find. 

It’s one the exclusive band of beer shops where there’s so much going on as you walk in, that you just don’t know where to look. The beers are divided into style groups. To the left, are shelves of stouts and porters; to the right are pales, session IPAs, IPAs, Belgian style beers, lagers and more. Then, to the back. That’s where the strong beers are kept. The Belgian Tripels, Double and triple IPA’s and some unique one off specials I would have loved to take home. After talking with the gentleman behind the counter I settled on a six pack.

I was in a strong beer mood so I went for Kees Brewing Double IPA, a Kees Brewing Caramel Fudge Imperial Stout, a Frau Gruber Canned heat Session IPA, an Ale BroWar El Fruto Double IPA, an Old England IPA by a local brewery, “Sudden Death Brewing Mr Cinnamon Bun” and an Imperial stout which is called Morbel Kobol. So maybe more than 6 beers but well worth the 30 euros they cost. 

I really enjoyed this place; I loved the way the shop was laid out and how there was still plenty of open space. I loved the range, the selection and the way they laid the beers out. I will definitely be coming back here again. 

If you’re in there area and are interested they also run a taproom which is 5 minutes walk from the shop. I didn’t get the chance so a good reason for me to go back! 

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