A long overdue update

A long overdue update

This is a long overdue update. Last time you heard from me we were pitched up at a beach in Zandvoort. Well, I can tell you we haven’t been there for a while now. We stayed two nights and then continued on with our quest to tour Europe.

Maddi has friends in Denmark; Odense to be exact, so we decided to head that way. The only issue is Odense from Zandvoort is over 800km. Much as I like driving, I couldn’t do that in one day, so we found a beautiful AirBNB just outside of Bremen and stayed the night. Whilst their, we found a Donner Kebab shop and had some of the best Donner I think I’ve had in my life.

From Bremen we continued to Odense, a long drive – but a beautiful one.

We arrived in Odense early afternoon and just decided to find somewhere to park and chill. DCU Odense is where we ended up. If you’re there with a campervan I would strongly recommend it; a beautiful campsite less than 1 km from the town centre with a swimming pool!! I took full advantage. We spent 3 days in Odense, Maddi seeing her friends and me exploring the world of Danish beer. Its a good world I must admit. I also found some mountain bike tracks …. that I may have crashed on … sorry Mum!

On our final day, we didn’t know where to head but, in the end, we decided on Hamburg. We spent two nights near the city centre. The campsite was basically a gravel car park, but bizarrely it had some awesome bathrooms, so I can’t really complain.

From Hamburg, we continued to Hanover. Neither of us really liked it as a city, so we decided to rest up one night at a beautiful campsite with a lake in the middle of it and carry on in the morning.

We drove onto Dusseldorf. This is where things became difficult. While in Dusseldorf Maddi received some news that meant she had to travel back home to Tasmania so I have become a solo traveller. I decided I wanted to head into northern France to do some exploring.

On the road to Verdun

So that’s what I did, I drove to Leige, a beautiful, but very busy city. At the time I wanted to be in the country, away from the hustle and bustle, so I continued driving till late. I pulled into an aria du camping in a small town called Riven in the Ardennes. I spent the night and continued on to where I am now. Verdun.

I’ve been here two days. Its a beautiful and thought provoking place, one where you just can’t help but feel something deep within you. It is a place where hundreds of thousands of people died fighting one of the longest and bloodiest battles of the First World War.


One of the war memorials in Verdun

I am leaving here tomorrow to continue on my journey… to find a replacement rear tyre. Mine’s about to go kaput. The plan is to head back towards to Netherlands, as they have Kwik-Fit!

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