Tiny Rebel Stay Puft Imperial Irish Cream Marshmallow Porter

Tiny Rebel Stay Puft Imperial Irish Cream Marshmallow Porter

I’m one for a Bailey’s every now and then as is my Mum. However, upon finding out Tiny Rebel had combined it with beer I just had to try some for myself.

I will freely admit that I’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth and Tiny Rebel always seem to come up with something that appeals to the sweet side of me. This beer combines one of my favourite all time core beers with a liquor that is smooth, sweet and subtle.

This beer is no different. Upon opening the can you are greeted by the warm and inviting smell of thick Irish cream, paired with raspberry and chocolate. When you first taste the beer you mouth doesn’t necessarily taste the Irish cream, however on the second sip that sweet, caramel flavour comes out beautifully.

Thick, smooth and creamy would be the ideal 3 words to describe this beer and at 9% ABV you wouldn’t feel the alcohol content. There is almost zero bitterness to it. It just feels like raspberry jam and Bailey’s in a can.

The idea Christmas beer and winter warmer, so much so I need more!!

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