On The Road – With Adventures In Beer!

On The Road – With Adventures In Beer!

Driving through the centre of Lisbon, Portugal.

So, I’m three and a half months into the trip and I’ve lost count of the number of countries I’ve driven through. Rosie (the van) and I have covered about 12,000 miles, so far. We’ve had a few hiccups. A small accident in Germany [nothing too serious] some electrical gremlins in Poland, but, otherwise, the trip has been an unbelievable experience.

Your host – driving from Lisbon, Portugal to Porto. Rosie and I travel at a steady 60

Travelling the length and breadth of Europe has been amazing. People have been so friendly and so helpful. No one talks about Brexit. It doesn’t even register. The scenery and most of the towns I’ve visited have been beautiful – and well-cared for. There’s quite a lot of graffiti on some of the buildings but very little vandalism or litter.

Testing alternative transportation in Lisbon. It’s fun but it won’t replace Rosie!

Driving has been an interesting experience. I bought a Tom-Tom with European mapping before I left but rapidly switched to Google Maps on my phone. It just works so much quicker.

The ‘phone provides navigation and entertainment – thanks to Mum & Dad’s Spotify account!


Different countries have very different driving styles. The Italians have a reputation – which they largely live up to – but they tend to be predictable. The Portuguese, on the other hand, drive with Italian verve – but are far more unpredictable!

Best roads? Easily Germany and Austria. Worst? Poland… but give them time.

Would I do it again? You betcha! In a heartbeat. I’m back to the UK the end of this month to finish my degree then… Well.. We’ll see what next year brings!


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