To Two New Friends – Gdyina

To Two New Friends – Gdyina

In Gdyina, I stayed at a rather nice campsite. At the time, there were a lot of people from Ireland on the main campsite so I ended up on the lower field.

I had settled in for the evening, having just gotten back from enjoying some traditional Polish dumplings at a nearby restaurant when I saw a gentleman walk past and do a double take of the van (it is covered in “Adventures in Beer” logos.) He came over and introduced himself. His name was Salomon and he loved craft beer!

I found out they he and his partner, Evelyn, were driving to Rostock, Germany. They began in Switzerland (where they are both from) and were heading, next day, to camp beachside in Germany. They were taking the trip to celebrate Evelyn’s birthday (happy birthday again!) and had really been enjoying it so far. They were driving a Volkswagen T4 camper that was given to them for free by Salomon’s brother. Talk about a bargain price!

We sat around my table for the next 4 hours laughing, sharing stories and drinking our way through some delicious beer, some Polish spirits and some terribly cheap vodka.

It was an amazing evening, with some great people who I would now fondly consider friends.

There is an open invite from them to go for some beers in Switzerland which I’ll be taking them up on in the next few weeks. As I have very quickly learnt on this trip, there are many great people out there – people who are warm, open, honest. People are what make experiences, for the solo traveller, so great.

Salomon and Evelyn, I will be seeing you both soon to drink some great Swiss beer!

Salomon & Evelyn in “Adventures in Beer” tee shirts with their Volkswagen T4 Camper

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