Blac Stock Cider – Bhudda’s Hand Lemon

This was definitely something unique. Purchased on draft from one of my favourite places Hopfen und Malz in Aachen. I loved this cider so much that I didn’t just back for seconds I Went back for thirds and fourths.

Now of course we must take note this is the first cider review on this website. So hopefully I am going to do it justice. Blac Stock are a craft cider company producing crazy hopped ciders in the Styrian Hills in Austria. If you don’t believe me when I tell you I mean crazy ciders just go and check out some of the concoctions they have on their website.

Anyways we are here to talk about this cider. Because this is something seriously special. First off this is a draft cider, coming out of chilled kegs. And personally I think this really increases the flavour profile of the drink. Honestly I have never tasted the Bhudda’s hand, I don’t think I ever will but if its anything like this cider its going to be sharp, tart, tangy, sweet and complex.

Straight off the bat on your first sip you will get flavours of lemon, sherbet, apple and orange. It is sharp but sensationally smooth at the same time. The lemon doesn’t overpower the drink as you would think, but combines to create a nicely rounded flavour profile. I think this is enhanced by the fact it is a flat cider so no gassiness gets in the way. I think the flavour can be nicely summarised by saying it tastes very similar to limoncello, with less sharpness and booziness. Personally I love it. There are no weird off flavours or after tones in it, but what stays on your tongue is that tangy sweet lemon flavour… Yum!

The body of this cider again is nicely balanced. It isn’t thick, it has little to no head when poured and zero gassiness. In reality for the flavour profile of the cider it is perfect.

Overall it is just a sublime drink. at 4% it is extremely quaffable and is delicious chilled. I wish I could have more but alas the keg ran out.

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